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Fluorescent Elephant

20 Apr

Fluorescent Elephant is one of my favorite online vintage shops that is owned and run by a bright talented girl that promises to bring you vintage pieces that are more catwalk than costume drama.  Though they are currently just an online shop, I hear rumors that they will be opening a store right here in the heart of Dublin City soon! I can’t wait for that to actually happen, as I think they are going to be a big success and a great addition to the very limited affordable vintage stores we have here in the city. You can also find them at most of the vintage fairs around the country, including the last Vintage Fashion and Décor Fair Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. If you can’t wait till the next vintage fair to look at what they have to offer, just visit I assure you, you will not be disappointed! Take a look at some of the things they  have on sale at the moment. 



Street Inspiration

6 Apr


Sad as it may sound, when I am feeling a little down what I do to pick myself up (if I can’t afford to go shopping of course) is reorganizing my wardrobe! Because as you know you will always find something that you have forgotten you even had when you’re re-doing your wardrobe! And though that’s not as good as getting a whole new outfit, at that particular time the feeling you get when you find that long forgotten purchase you have made, will be “nearly” as good as buying a new outfit!

So the other day I was looking through my clothes, and found a good few things I had forgotten about but I couldn’t find anything I already had to match them with. So I started looking for inspirations! And what better way to look for inspirations than women on the streets, right? So, I started looking through some magazines and street fashion online…. and so  I wanted to share my findings with you guys. These are all pictures of ordinary women just like you and I on the streets from all over the world. Take a look… Be inspired!



Jonathan Saunders in town…

5 Apr

No, not the man himself, but his designs are.


When you think of Jonathan Saunders, you probably think; amazing colorful prints and pretty little dresses, maybe a little a bit costly…. And of course the strong Scottish accent. But Vintage inspired collection would probably not be the first thought.


Prior to making his own debut in 2003, Jonathan Saunders designed prints for big names such as Alexander McQueen and enlisted as a consultant for fashion houses Chloé, and Pucci. In addition to designing for his own label these days, he is also the creative director of Milan-based fashion house Pollini.


Though these are all big names some of us might not be able to afford, Jonathan has also designed ranges for retail chains such as Topshop and Target. The other good news…  Jonathan Saunders has recently designed a collection for Debenhams which you can get your hands on at the Henry Street, Dublin store. His collections are part of Debenhams “Edition” series which is priced from €28 to €294 and available exclusively to Debenhams Henry Street, and online at










And if this collection doesn’t tickle your fancy but you still want to get your hands on a few of his affordable designs, fear not my friends…. because this amazingly talented designer is going to be working with Debenhams for a minimum of four seasons!


But the reason why I’m sharing this with you is not only because he’s just designed a collection for Debenhams, but because of his last spring/ summer 2011 collection at the London Fashion week. I know Jonathan Saunders doesn’t exclusively design vintage inspired items, but his Spring/ Summer 2011 collection is just right up my alley. In his own words this collection is “the gorgeous picture-postcard beauty” of the women in Erwin Blumenfeld’s fashion photography of the forties and fifties.


I loved every single item he showed on that runway. For me, this collection was just pure love at first sight! The colors, the prints, the colors, the cuts, the colors just scream summer and you can’t help but smile when you look at these dresses. Oh did I mention the colors?!?! As I was watching the show and thought one of the dresses was simply my favorite, the next model would walk out with something I loved even more. I think this collection is made for every woman out there who knows exactly what look she wants this summer… just enough edge to look current but still wants to stay true to her vintage inspired looks while being a girly girl! Check out some of these fabulous dresses! Don’t you just love these?!?!




The Bernie Dexter Line

28 Mar

Anybody who’s into retro and Pin-up looks knows who Bernie Dexter is! And even if you do not know her by name you would surely have seen her pictures, as she has modeled for every reproduction of vintage and Rockabilly designers out there. Famous for her very curvaceous and petit figure and her Bettie Page look, Bernie Dexter is currently one of the most established pin-up models of our time!

Bernie’s mother was a burlesque dancer, and already as a small child she was fascinated by her mother’s transformation from girl next door to a sexy vixen, that Bernie decided to become a makeup artist when she grew up and worked in a salon and also worked as a makeup artist with M.A.C. Cosmetics.

She finally decided to do some freelance work at photoshoots as a makeup artist and hairstylist, where she herself got the chance to test model in 2002. That was the beginning of her skyrocketed modeling career.


And why did I decide to write about her?!? Well, she has recently launched her own Pinup/ Rockabilly clothing line that is definitely worth checking out, so I wanted to share that with you! Though it hasn’t hit the stores in Ireland yet, you can order whatever your little heart desires on


She offers amazing vamp curve flattering dresses, knit pullover tops, high waist Pencil skirts, flirty pinup dresses, high waist dungaree jeans and classic high waist Capri pants and much much more. Check out some of the items I totally heart!





































































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