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Coke for Largerfeld

12 Apr


So I heard Karl Largerfeld is designing the 2nd edition of Diet Coke  bottles. I didn’t even know there was a first edition, but sure enough, the 2nd edition is here! Apparently these especially designed bottles come in 3 different formats. So it kind of makes you wonder, would these bottles have a Karl Largerfeld price tag? And if so, would anyone in their right mind actually pay the extra designer price for something that contains the exact same product as a regular bottle just because Mr. Largerfeld associated his name to it? Would you buy it?




Street Inspiration

6 Apr


Sad as it may sound, when I am feeling a little down what I do to pick myself up (if I can’t afford to go shopping of course) is reorganizing my wardrobe! Because as you know you will always find something that you have forgotten you even had when you’re re-doing your wardrobe! And though that’s not as good as getting a whole new outfit, at that particular time the feeling you get when you find that long forgotten purchase you have made, will be “nearly” as good as buying a new outfit!

So the other day I was looking through my clothes, and found a good few things I had forgotten about but I couldn’t find anything I already had to match them with. So I started looking for inspirations! And what better way to look for inspirations than women on the streets, right? So, I started looking through some magazines and street fashion online…. and so  I wanted to share my findings with you guys. These are all pictures of ordinary women just like you and I on the streets from all over the world. Take a look… Be inspired!



Lip-gloss action with my Doctor

18 Jan

Hello world,

Here it goes, today is the day I start sharing with you my deepest darkest feelings. I am going to put my life out there, the good the bad and the weird. You will soon come to realize that I have a lot of weird moments. Just the other day, I had to go into the hospital to get my wisdom tooth removed. As you can imagine I was very nervous because this was my first operation. My friend Karine (bless her), took the day off work to go to the hospital with me. Anyways, I remember lying down in the operation room and the nurse putting the oxygen mask on my face while telling me that I can get two of those oxygen masks in Debenhams for the price of one. And the next thing I remember is waking up in a room with a panic attack, I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t breath. All I could hear was the machine constantly beeping and the nurse calling for the doctor screaming that my blood pressure was increasing. They eventually managed to calm me down, and I could breath again. I was trying to speak but I couldn’t, after all I’ve had two teeth removed. So the doctor gave me a pen and a piece of paper to write on…. and here it comes, all I wrote was “can I have a lip-gloss”. I do wonder now why in the hell I needed a lip-gloss, because I couldn’t even feel my face. But at that moment in time, there was nothing more I wanted and needed more than a LIP-GLOSS.

SO, this is one of the weird moments I was mentioning earlier.  Other than my weird moments, I will be bringing you a lot of oldies but goodies and where you can find them.

Stay tuned.



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