When pre-loved cost a fortune…

16 May

When I read an article about how much Marilyn Monroe’s cocktail dress sold for at an auction in LA , I finally had an actual proof that my shopping habits aren’t actually just a waste of money. I have repeatedly told my family and friends who keep nagging me about how much money I waste on shopping and things that I don’t need, that it isn’t a waste of money but it is in a form of investment! Now, I know I’m no Marilyn or Audrey whose second hand clothing sells for a fortune, but one can hope that someday one will be able to also sell their pre-loved goodies for a decent figure!

A black cocktail dress worn by Marilyn Monroe at a cocktail party in 1958 has surpassed its presale estimate of $20,000 – $30,000 and sold for a record breaking $348,000 on the 8th of May at an auction. It’s a beautiful black crepe cocktail dress with deep V-neck and low-cut back, with pouf hemline. The interior label reads “front” to identify the front of the dress. The “front” was a common addition to custom made garments from that era.


Last year the iconic pink satin dress Marilyn wore in the famous film “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” sold for $313,000. The size 14 gown in which Monroe sings “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend” beat its expected asking price of $170,000 in one of Hollywood’s largest auctions.


Also up for sale at this last auction where Marilyn’s dress sold for $348,000, was the straw hat worn by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Funny Face’, which was estimated to sell for $2,000 – $3,000 and sold for an amazing $15,360. Elizabeth Taylor’s throne from the 1963 movie ‘Cleopatra’ was estimated to sell for $1,000 – $1,500 and settled for  $7,040.



So my lovelies, don’t feel guilty about your last purchase as you might be able to get thousands in return for it. Maybe wishful thinking, but you never know! 😉




Fluorescent Elephant

20 Apr

Fluorescent Elephant is one of my favorite online vintage shops that is owned and run by a bright talented girl that promises to bring you vintage pieces that are more catwalk than costume drama.  Though they are currently just an online shop, I hear rumors that they will be opening a store right here in the heart of Dublin City soon! I can’t wait for that to actually happen, as I think they are going to be a big success and a great addition to the very limited affordable vintage stores we have here in the city. You can also find them at most of the vintage fairs around the country, including the last Vintage Fashion and Décor Fair Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. If you can’t wait till the next vintage fair to look at what they have to offer, just visit www.fluorescentelephant.com I assure you, you will not be disappointed! Take a look at some of the things they  have on sale at the moment. 


Coke for Largerfeld

12 Apr


So I heard Karl Largerfeld is designing the 2nd edition of Diet Coke  bottles. I didn’t even know there was a first edition, but sure enough, the 2nd edition is here! Apparently these especially designed bottles come in 3 different formats. So it kind of makes you wonder, would these bottles have a Karl Largerfeld price tag? And if so, would anyone in their right mind actually pay the extra designer price for something that contains the exact same product as a regular bottle just because Mr. Largerfeld associated his name to it? Would you buy it?



Street Inspiration

6 Apr


Sad as it may sound, when I am feeling a little down what I do to pick myself up (if I can’t afford to go shopping of course) is reorganizing my wardrobe! Because as you know you will always find something that you have forgotten you even had when you’re re-doing your wardrobe! And though that’s not as good as getting a whole new outfit, at that particular time the feeling you get when you find that long forgotten purchase you have made, will be “nearly” as good as buying a new outfit!

So the other day I was looking through my clothes, and found a good few things I had forgotten about but I couldn’t find anything I already had to match them with. So I started looking for inspirations! And what better way to look for inspirations than women on the streets, right? So, I started looking through some magazines and street fashion online…. and so  I wanted to share my findings with you guys. These are all pictures of ordinary women just like you and I on the streets from all over the world. Take a look… Be inspired!



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